Book Announcement

My book began as a few e-mails between friends.  One friend in particular was beginning to homeschool her young children.  She wanted some guidance and I wanted to be there for her even when I wasn’t able to pick up the phone and talk with her.  So, I wrote her an e-mail about some of the things I have learned on my homeschooling journey so far.  Many months later, she wrote to me saying that she had come across my e-mail and that it still spoke to her, bringing her peace and hope.  My words helped her to reflect on her days with her children.  By that time, the original seed that prompted the e-mail was now a flowering plant in the form of this book.  I wrote this book with my dearest friends in mind, always staying true to what I would say to them about any of the topics included in the book.  My hope is that when you read it, you will hear my voice as if we are sitting together, two parents sharing together our journeys. Below you will find a little info about the book an how to get a copy.

Laying Down the Roots: A Practical Guide for Nurturing Families of Young Children

By Angela Awald




Sleep & Play

Seasonal Festivals & Celebrations

Nature & the Outdoors

Artistic Expression in the Young Child

Stories, Books & Literacy

Mathematics in the Early Years

Practical Activities In & Around the Home

Crafting Your Family Rhythm

How to Make this Work with Multiple Children

Practical Ideas for Learning in the Early Years


Ready for sale on July 8,, 2013!!

Pre-Order price $12 plus ($2.50) shipping.  If you are local, we can make arrangements for pick-up.

Price as of July 8, 2013 $15 plus ($2.50) shipping

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Blessings on your journey!