Right Where We are Supposed to Be

A few weeks ago, I went to a workshop about unschooling.  I had signed up for it before I had put up this blog and the facebook page for Nurtured Roots.  I am not even sure why I signed up for it except that something about it spoke to me.  I had read about the idea of allowing children to choose their own learning paths, often called unschooling.  The unschooling philosophy appeals to me and challenges me in unison. So as I drove through the rain on my way to this workshop, I really began to wonder why I was going and what it meant for me as I start up Nurtured Roots.  What if I decided that unschooling was best for my family?  Would that decision detract from my credibility as a homeschool advocate and mentor?  Would my very attendance of an unschooling event take away from what I am attempting in starting this business?  I love to write curriculum and read it.  I love to teach and to be taught.  These and many other questions and thoughts spiraled in my mind weaving a web of what-ifs, but that confusion was swept away as I listened through the workshop and talked with some of the other parents there.  The answers to my earlier uncertainties became clear.

I was there because I was supposed to be.  I was supposed to hear Dayna Martin talk about her life’s journey and how she had come to unschool her children.  I was supposed to hear the voices of the other parents, and their love and concern for their children.  How they want to follow their hearts.  How they are seeking the path that works for their families.  I was supposed to be there because it was there that I had an a-ha moment about raising and educating my own children.  I was there because it challenged me and nurtured me and put me more in touch with my instincts.  I learned about myself on that Saturday afternoon.  So all those concerns about why I was there didn’t matter anymore.  I had followed my intuition and as always happens, I was grateful for the experience.

One of the greatest gifts I received through the day’s experience was the reminder that parents are all seeking their way.  We are all wide-eyed in anticipation that the right path will be illuminated.  What we must never forget is that the right path is different for every family and every person, and the re-awakening of that thought strengthens my desire to be an advocate and guide with families seeking to make informed, intuitive decisions about education.  Different families will choose different ways of learning and I love that!

Not everything I heard in the workshop will work for my family, but just being there and allowing myself to be challenged with new ways of thinking makes me more open to the needs of others.  I am so thankful for the opportunity and look forward to feeling its effects unfold in me and in my family.

I would love to hear from you.  Where are you on your journey in educating your children?