Sassafras Science Adventures

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Day 15: Sassafras Science Adventures

I am always looking for ways to bring learning alive in our home.  And when I found the Sassafras Science Adventures, I had a hard time deciding on which one to choose.  All three looked amazing and I had one of those 'I-want-it-all' moments.  I finally settled on Botany, much to the wide-eyed enthusiasm of my six-year-old botanist.  And we have not been disappointed.  This book has quickly become a favorite read-aloud, and closing the book is a guaranteed way to hear a chorus of "Don't stop....Just one more chapter...Pleeeaaaase?"

sassafras botany DSC_0218

But our learning hasn't stopped there.  We have headed out the door to see what we can find.  To see if we can spot some of the plants the story so gracefully introduces.  And our rabbit trails lead us to other books and still more discoveries.  We keep track of our learning in our logbooks, but even if we didn't, reading the story and exploring the world would be enough.  Because real learning is an adventure.  You never want it to end!