The Apple Pie Tree

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Day 14: The Apple Pie Tree

Who doesn't read at least one book about apples in the fall?  Even as our kids get older, we still smile when we see the display of picture books at the library with their apple illustrations on the cover.  They beg us to sit a while, as if just by opening the pages, we will be immersed into the goodness of autumn.  And then we will feel all warm inside and immediately have the intense desire to bake an apple pie:)

apple pie tree

The Apple Pie Tree will do all of these things.  It's simplicity is top among its merits, along with the way it leads us to think upon the magic of the apple seed and the cycle of the seasons.  Little ones will want to look inside an apple, and that leads to all sorts of activities.  Apple picking, making apple prints, making applesauce, apple crisp, apple pie.  Sometimes simple is best!  Happy Learning!

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