There's a Book for That , Day 1

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There's a Book for That, Day 1

Reading aloud is one of my absolute favorite things to do with my kiddos, all 6 of them. And I love it when I stumble across one of those books that’s sweet and fun and gets them excited about learning. This book meets all of those criteria and in more ways than one.

The illustrations are colorful and inviting.

The text is full of rhymes which lead us into a fun game of see how many words we could rhyme…which then lead to a spontaneous outburst of giggles when we rhymed a whole slew of non-sense words.

And there are math problems right in the book!

Win! Win! Win!


bunny book math inside

After we read the book (and got over our case of the giggles), we settled in to one of our favorite math games, Addition Memory. It’s easier to look at the photo and see how it’s set up than for me to describe it. And the concept is the same as any memory game. In this version, you’re trying to match up the parts of the addition fact so that it’s true. We were working on adding 1 to a number as you can see in the picture.  My son made 8 + 1 = 9, so his "match" was the 8 and the 9.

So in about 30 minutes, my six year old and I played with some words, played with some numbers, shared a fun book and enjoyed some quality time together!



addition game

Stop by tomorrow for another book idea to inspire learning!