There's a Book for That, Day 2: Shanleya's Quest


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There's a Book for That, Day 2: Shanleya's Quest.


Shanleya’s Quest
is one of those books that everyone, no matter the age, can learn from, and it deserves a slow, careful read over several days, even weeks. While it’s not too long, only 32 pages, it is full of colorful illustrations and just as full of information about 8 distinct plant families. Each island that Shanleya visits throughout the story introduces and explains the characteristics of each of the selected plant families.

After reading a section, you will be inspired to get outside and take a closer look at the plants in your yard and neighborhood. You may even find yourself wanting to start a nature journal to chronicle your outdoor adventures.  Nature journals are so much fun!  As you can see from my daughter's journal page, she did some drawing of a mint plant, dictated to me what she learned, and included an actual leaf and a copy of an illustration of a mint family.


My advice is start small. Choose one plant family to learn about. Read the short chapter and jump in. If you find yourself really getting into studying botany with the plant family approach, you may be interested in the more in-depth book, Botany in a Day, also by Thomas J. Elpel. Or if you want another fun way to practice what you are learning, Hops Press, LLC offers a plant identification game specifically made to complement Shanleya’s Quest.

Happy Learning!