There's a Book for That, Day 6: Wild Child

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There's a Book for That, Day 6:
Wild Child

Over the years of reading aloud to my children, I have read more books about Autumn than I can count, but this one...Wild one of my new favorites.  It's beautiful illustrations and gentle depiction of the changing of seasons are breathtaking.  And children will find a little bit of themselves in the wild child of Autumn. 

nature suncatcher

This book inspired us to get outside and take a look at the natural world around us.  We decided to collect some things that we saw on our nature walk.  Once we were home, we laid them out and I rummaged through our seed box to see what we had left to add.  We then cut out the center of a paper plate and a large circular piece of clear contact paper.  Then we arranged some of our favorite nature items onto the sticky side of the contact paper and covered it over with another piece.  The results were beautiful.  I also read this book and did this craft with our homeschool co-op.  I wish I had pictures!! All of the sun-catchers were so different!