Monday Mindset: Parenting with Einstein


Monday Mindset

Because sometimes, a shift in perspective is all you need.

Parenting with Einstein

During our morning read aloud time this week, we enjoyed
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein.
And as with  all great picture books, it contained a nugget of truth.  In this case 5 sentences.  That's it.  Just one short page, but it got me thinking.  My mind went off in one direction while my lips continued to read the remaining pages.  I was re-evaluating my perspectives on parenting and how they are made visible in my daily life of raising children. 

beam of light text

Do I treat my children like that?  Do I squash their questions and minimize their ponderings?  Do I welcome their wonder or am I guilty of casting it aside as childish thought? 

And if I go I open to their individualism or do I try to fit them into a mold?  Am I brave enough to let my children be who they really are?  And what does that mean? 

It's rather easy for us to read this story about Albert Einstein and see that his teachers were the ones whose behavior needed changing, not Albert.  We have hindsight and history on our side. 

Our perspective is rooted in the outcome. 

Can we hold the vision of our children's futures in the same esteem without yet living them?  Can we be brave enough to allow our children to be who they are even when their quirks are opposite of ours or go against the grain? 

 What if Einstein's parents had not supported his idiosyncrasies, and therefore his brilliance?  What would have happened? 

Perhaps then, we are asking the wrong questions.  Instead, we should be asking, who are we to stand in the way of our children being their true selves?

So this week, think of Einstein when you look at your children, and let them be who they really are.



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