Monday Mindset: Dear Frustrated Mama...,


Monday Mindset

Because sometimes, a shift in perspective is all you need.

Dear Frustrated Mama Trying to Teach Her Boy to Read,

        I am not going to beat around the bush or try to soften the blow. The frustration that you’re feeling because your boy wants to sled rather than sit; it’s positively typical, and typically positive. Try not to take it personally even though it feels like a stab to the heart every time he whines about learning to read even though he asked you to teach him.
        His protest is against the hard work that it takes to learn something new, not against you. But you chose to be the one to teach your child to read, and so you must also face the hard work. Don’t whine in your grown-up way of cajoling him to read a little more, sit a little longer.
       Instead, have a conversation. Talk to your boy. You can do that. Acknowledge that it’s hard work and ask him how much he thinks he can do today. If it’s only a little, then celebrate. If it’s a lot, then celebrate. Your child has asked you to help him learn to read because he trusts you. Don’t blow it. Don’t push so hard that there is no joy left in the learning. He will learn to read on his terms. It is your privilege to support his journey. 
         So get the voices of ‘You’re not doing this right’ out of your head. No one else knows the delicate dance you are waltzing with your boy. No one else knows the gains he’s made in other areas this year; in controlling his anger, taking responsibility for his actions, in putting pencil to paper without tears, in stringing letters together to make words.
        Is there still a long way to go? Yes. Will he get there? Yes. And that is enough. Your boy is amazing and so are you. Together you make a great team if only you keep in your focus the love and respect that you hold for each other. You can do this. Heck, you are doing this! Keep at it, strong mama.


Pssst…this goes for more than just learning to read:-)

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