Creative Copywork


Creative Copywork

Engaging Emergent Readers & Writers in New Ways

To say that every one of my children fell in love with copywork right away would be lying. There have been a few less enthusiastic with others. Finding ways to make it engaging and fun has been my creative challenge. Pictured are three of the ways my emergent readers and writers have enjoyed.

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“Writing on the Wall”

Even though they aren’t really writing on the wall, the larger paper offered a new perspective. No longer was copywork a sit-at-the-table task. Standing and big print. Small, but large changes.

Word Hunt

This one is a favorite of mine. All I needed were some word cards and tape. The boys numbered a page in the copywork books 1-12 and set out on their hunt. Each word that they found, they copied into their books along with a little number. After they were all done, they read the words to me. Then added up the numbers to see how many “points they earned.” So in this little activity, they practiced writing, reading and math. Win! Win! Win!

Black Paper, Gel Pens, and Crayons

Just like the writing on the wall activity, small changes made copywork much more fun for my boys. To extend this a little further, we made up the copywork together learning about verbs, nouns and punctuation.

So, that’s the re-cap! Happy copying! :-)

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