Learn Geography with a Laugh


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Day 13: Learn Geography with a Laugh

Sometimes I take this whole parenting & shaping my children's future thing too seriously.  Do you know what I mean?

I carefully select books to support the development of their character and their minds.  I look for themes that will inspire and teach, and being well-written is a MUST!  But sometimes, I just need to loosen up!

Enter The Scrambled States of America.

scrmabled states scrambles states game

We found this book, or rather it found us, after we purchased the game at a yard sale.  I am always looking for engaging ways of introducing topics that have traditionally been presented in dry, lackluster fashion.  The game is just that!  It includes geography of the United States, including capitols and state nicknames, spelling, and color identification.  It is one of the first games that every member of our family has enjoyed no matter their age.

The book is equally fun!  My kids will always remember that "Nevada and Mississippi are in love."  Not sure what that means?  Check out the book to find out.  You'll never look at geography the same again!

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