Moving Out of Homeschool Survival Mode with Online Learning: A Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Review


This year was the first year that all six of my kids were “school-age”, and let me tell you, it challenged my homeschool organization and follow-through like no other year before this! I began the year in survival mode, just hoping that we’d make it through this transitional year without dropping too many of the plates I was spinning.

In years past, I had crafted our math curriculum from a variety of sources, but this year, I knew I needed a different approach as we transitioned into a busier season of homeschooling. So, I was thrilled at the opportunity to use a free trial of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 for five of my kids. I was hoping that the program would simplify our homeschool day and it did! As time went on, we found ourselves thriving instead of merely surviving! 

I received complimentary access to Teaching Textbooks for grade 3, grade 4, and Algebra and compensated for my time to write this review. I was not required to write a favorable view and what I share here is an honest reflection on my experience with Teaching Textbooks 3.0. See my full disclosure here.

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Is Easily Accessible

I fell in love with the user-friendly nature of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 as soon as I logged on to the parent page. I was able to quickly check in on my kids’ progress, view their e-textbooks, and even print pages! Everything is in one place which saves me logging in and out of each student’s account. Less time logging in and maneuvering through pages means more time spent learning!

The read-aloud function is a favorite feature as well! It supports auditory learners and children who are struggling with reading by reading the problems and the solutions as needed. They can excel in math without worrying that their reading challenges will hold them back. This gives a confidence boost that is often needed for struggling readers. And confidence building helps us move from survival mode to thriving!


Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Allows Us to Work Anywhere


On your way to the dentist? No need to skip math for the day. Take it along! Waiting for a sibling’s soccer game to begin? There’s time for a math lesson! 

We love that Teaching Textbooks 3.0 goes wherever we do! I don’t have to lug along five different textbooks or sets of CDs. All I need is access to a computer or tablet. Laptops and tablets allow my kids to work in the car or doctor’s office waiting room. Heading to the library computer lab allows all five of my kids to work at the same time! Talk about a time-saver! Not only are we less distracted at the library, but each child is able to finish a lesson or two (sometimes three, depending on the student) in an hour of “library time”. 

Being able to work on math lessons anywhere means we’re more likely to keep our daily routine flowing. Preserving our homeschool rhythm and routine means we’re thriving!

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Is Low Prep

Other than checking in on what lessons and topics my kids will explore for the week, there is no prep needed! Woohoo! I am free to spend my time reading aloud and playing games with my children! At the beginning of the school year, this first year of all six homeschooling, planning was consuming a good portion of my weekend.

Of course, our days were still brimming to full, but the hours were spent with my children, not eaten up by planning. This allowed me to be more present and move out of survival mode.

Once the lessons for the day or week were completed, it was simple for me to pop online through my parent page and take a peek at which concepts needed review and which were mastered. And grading is automated which also saves me time! More time guessed it...thriving, not surviving!

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Allowed Me to be a Math Partner Instead of a Math Teacher

The ability to step out of “teacher” mode and into partner mode was a gift I hadn’t anticipated, but it was one I gratefully accepted. Teaching Textbooks 3.0 allowed me to sit side-by-side with each of my children and work together. Whenever I could, I pulled up a chair alongside them  and listened through the lecture. (To be honest, though, I often watched from across the room while washing dishes.) Then, shoulder-to-shoulder, we explored the practice problems. We discussed how what we learned in the lecture applied to the problems. It seems simple, but this slight shift of having another “voice” sharing the information changed the atmosphere of math in our home. In my book, that’s a win! 

Now, it’s your turn! Check out this free trial of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 and experience firsthand how it can enhance your homeschool!