Homeschool Planet: An Online Planner Review

I stood staring at the library shelf, desperately trying to remember the name of that book!  The one that I needed for our co-op meeting the next day.  If only I had remembered to bring the book list, then I’d be on top of things. 

I found myself saying that little phrase often… “If only I had remembered {fill-in-the-blank}.  The truth is life has challenged my juggling skills over the past year.  Homeschool activities, library visits, appointments of every kind, household tasks, remembering to buy birthday candles and ink for the printer!  When I think of all the little details that I manage as a homeschool mom, I’m brought to my knees.  It’s easy to let the magnitude of orchestrating the schedule overwhelm me.  This year, with six homeschooling children, I knew I needed to “up my organization game.” 

Homeschool Planet has allowed me to do just that!  After a few hours of tinkering with the program, I found many, many reasons to love it!!  Here are three!

{I was given free access to Homeschool Planet and the Brave Writer Lifestyle lesson plans, and I was also compensated for my time to review them.  All opinions, however, are my own.}

Online Lesson Plans!

Online Homeschool Planner Brave Writer.png

The Brave Writer add-ons are not your average lesson plans!  Opening them up, felt like I had stepped into the most encouraging homeschool conference.  Professional development for me, the homeschool mom: links to pdfs on topics like freewriting and copywork, podcast links that will inspire you to connect with your kids, and a treasure trove of wisdom right from Julie Bogart herself.  A daily dose of support!  Who doesn’t need that?!

Even as a seasoned Brave Writer Lifestyle homeschooler, I found fresh ideas to enliven our days.  With the Homeschool Planet format, I was able to easily rearrange the lesson plans to fit our family’s needs.  All I had to do was click and drag the activities from one day to another!

Lists: Books, Shopping, To-Do

Online Homeschool Planner Book List

My book lists go with me everywhere now!  So no more blank stares in front of the library shelves!  I have shopping lists for Poetry Tea Time, Book Clubs, science experiments and co-op.  And all those little details of to-do’s are right at my fingertips when I find five unexpectedly free minutes.  I used to spend those five minutes trying to remember what I needed to get done, but now I just glance at my list and get to work.  (Or I may just drink my tea while it’s warm and pretend I don’t have a to-do list :-). )

Portable & Print!

Online Homeschool Planner Print

I’ve always been a paper planner kind of gal so I was skeptical about moving my planning online.  Well, Homeschool Planet must have been reading the minds of all of us paper planner lovers because there are two print options: color or economy print!  I’ve enjoyed having my master plan for the month printed out and tucked into my homeschool binder, and printing the weekly schedule has helped my kids to anticipate upcoming activities.  Whichever method or combination of planning methods work for you, Homeschool Planet is adaptable. 

Homeschool Planet has quickly become a favorite planning tool.  I love when I find a resource that I can personalize to fit my needs.  Each home and family is different but we all need some organization to brings our good intentions into reality. 

Try Homeschool Planet's FREE 30-Day Trial!  It's plenty of time to fall in love with it!